Helping 4.0: Going Deeper, Growing Impact

From what’s wrong to what’s strong

Helping 4.0 is an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) informed change process to enable communities and organisations to effect enduring change that puts citizens and their communities in the driving seat.

From concept sharing keynote addresses to building networks of strong relationships in Learning Sites that span many years, we are committed to accompanying you, and the people you serve, to discover, connect and mobilise community assets, from inside out.

Helping 4.0 Strategy Implementation Evaluation & Legacy

What difference can we make?

Change Spectrum 6 Shifts

By applying the Helping 4.0 framework we support people and organisations to change and develop new practices which stimulate local invention and build strong revitalised communities. From community engagement to economic development and everything in between. We work alongside practitioners and leaders to make the following 6 shifts in their practice:

  • From relief to community building
  • From issue focused to values driven
  • From agency-led to citizen-led
  • From a scarcity mindset to a belief in abundance of place
  • From agency owned resource to citizen controlled resource
  • From target population to communities of place
  • Find out more in our article: The Change Spectrum

Who will be interested in this change process?

Any organisation transitioning to a more community-driven, place-based way of working that is facing the challenges of transitioning from classical deficit thinking, top-down/hierarchical practice or traditional structures will benefit hugely from the Helping 4.0 framework. Organisations committed to the principles of ABCD but who recognise the tendency to revert to ‘deficit approaches’ will also benefit from this approach that goes further to deepen relationships with and within community.

We work with CCGs, NHS providers, local authorities, civil service departments, voluntary, community and faith sector organisations, as well as directly with communities to support their change process.

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