CR_IOW_02We love to partner up with people who have a heart for community and believe in the power of inclusive communities to make change happen.
We work with catalysts who are passionate about supporting communities to discover, connect and mobilise local assets; and who are committed to use their institutional assets to support community building.

We support disruptive innovators who are focused on development, not relief, and who understand that if the development is done well and is community-driven, enduring and proportionate change will follow.

Group Photo 1We have found that we can make most impact when we work with change-makers who are committed to the principle that communities are the best inventors of a better future. It is a privilege to work alongside such people who are deeply humble, and operate with the belief that their job is to support community invention, not to be the inventors themselves.

Working in this way is not for every leader, and certainly not for ever organisation. This is a challenging, disruptive and stretching process; not for the faint-hearted. That said for those up for increase civic space and authority, for those determined to reduce institutionalisation and increase interdependence in community life, the benefits far out way the demands.

Our job is walk with you, the communities your serve and the organisations you lead, as fellow travellers, experienced guides, and trusted but challenging advisors.