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In this webinar Cormac paints a detailed picture of what democracy would look like if it were truly bottom-up and from the sidelines-in.

Using the framework of the domains of Community Powered Change that he has developed, he argues for reclaiming community space and community-driven change >>>

This webinar charts the development of ABCD, exploring its theoretical underpinning which suggests that the decline of community and community capacity transpired alongside the growth of free markets and public service professionalisation >>>

This webinar is an introduction to the ABCD approach, ABCD concepts, vision and more >>>

A gift is not a gift until it’s given. So what happens when a gift is not given, or not received?

What are the consequences of defining people’s gifts out of community life by labelling them? We explore these and other questions in this challenging webinar >>>

What does Community Resilience mean? How do we grow community resilience? Why does it matter? How can ensure that Community Resilience isn’t used as a means of excusing Government from performing it’s necessary functions? >>>

This webinar considers the practice of community building and explores how it can be truly bottom-up and inside out. The webinar takes a wider view of te building blocks indigenous communities have used to build their own communities, and how we can learn from them in building ours >>>