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ABCD Guide Training

The deeper and more impactful the community building practice, the more critical sustainability and legacy become. Our ABCD Guide training brings together local practitioners from within a locality, building their knowledge and understanding of ABCD principles and connecting them together so that they can support each other and others locally in reflecting on their own practice, creating local legacy and proliferating good practice.

As our Senior Associate, Tom Dewar would say “There is no map, only a compass.” Trained ABCD Guides offer direction to those at the beginnings of their community building journey. We aspire to train and support ABCD Guides across localities in the UK and Europe.

Since its inception, we have trained over 45 ABCD Guides in Leeds, Bristol and Kirklees.

Cormac with the team of ABCD Guides in Leeds

What does it look like?

ABCD Guide training is delivered over 5 sessions, normally spread over the course of a three months. The course involves the following modules;

  • Introductory ABCD Session
  • Immersion training in the principles and practice of ABCD
  • Peer reviewed field assignment* completed by each candidate
  • Creation of a Community of Practice to continue the conversation locally


*Each participant is asked to complete a simple field assignment during the duration of the course; engaging with a neighbour where they live. We value the importance of building community at home and in the neighborhoods we serve.

What will this offer enable us to do?

Participants who are successful in completing the ABCD Guide Training will be able to do the following with confidence;

  • Host a Community of Practice around ABCD
  • Support the growth of ABCD conversations in your area
  • Bring practitioners together to share learning


Commissioning ABCD guide training creates a local legacy in effective ABCD Practice. A cohort of ABCD guides will have the ability to support the growth of ABCD in practice across the locality. Joining a national network, ABCD Guides benefit from online connection through the ABCD Learning Commons and Nurture Development hosted ABCD Guide gatherings.

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