Learning and Development Offer

Keynotes & Masterclass

Keynote addresses, symposiums and master classes are excellent ways of bringing potential partners into a serious conversation about ABCD and community building. These environments are clarifying and invite people to make an informed commitment to a process that works locally.

Recorded presentations:

Building Community Capacity for North West Employers

Sustainable community development: from what’s wrong to what’s strong at TEDxExeter


The relationship between organisations and communities is changing and this change is going to require a fundamental shift in behaviour from both officers in organisations and residents in communities.

In this master class we will look at three fundamental questions for creating sustainable and resilient communities:

  • What can communities do that organisations cannot?
  • What can organisations do that communities cannot?
  • What can communities do with organisations that neither can do alone?

Keynote Addresses

We take great pride in delivering outstanding high-profile keynote addresses to audiences all over the world. Our aim is to reach hearts, inspire minds and start new community conversations. Our emphasis is on real world stories and practical frameworks that help in starting with what’s strong; not what’s wrong.

Keynote Addresses

Social Work Scotland Criminal Justice Conference

ABCD Festival Keynote Speech

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