10 Deficit-based Assumptions that must be debunked

Over the coming months we will be broadening the scope of the conversation to consider how changing the narrative in ten key areas we can create new more sustainable cultures. Here are ten misguided assumptions we want to debunk:

  1. We are evolving from primitive to civilized.
  2. Our good life will be protected by consumer rights and the invisible hand of the free market.
  3. The more data and science we can bring to understanding what is wrong, the closer we will be to solving the world’s most intractable problems.
  4. We must get better at delivery.
  5. Neoliberal economies are here to stay.
  6. Competition is a defining feature of who we are as human beings.
  7. Bigger is better.
  8. Reforming our systems is the answer.
  9. Technological advances will save us.
  10. Technocracy (rule by the elites) is better than democracy (which is but “mob rule,” the tyranny of the masses).


Cormac Russell


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