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ABCD Training Part 2

This training offer builds upon Nurture Development’s ABCD Training Part 1. The two day workshop is an opportunity for citizens, practitioners and agency leaders to develop a framework for the effective establishment of Asset-Based Community Development initiatives in the local context. As with all our training at Nurture Development, Part 2 brings together the ABCD Institute’s 30 years of community development research in North America, with Nurture Development’s 21 years of international research and practical experience of community building and pioneering approaches in other strength based work.

Not completed ABCD Training Part 1?
Learn more about our introductory workshop here.

What will you learn over the two days?

ABCD Training Part 2 is eight learning sessions over two days:

  • Session 1: Discovering and supporting local hosts, as well as exploring various ways of hosting paid Community Animators.
  • Session 2: Shift the focus from ‘deliverables’ to ‘discoverables’; making the invisible visible.
  • Session 3: Investing in generational change; building community at the speed of trust.
  • Session 4: The politics of ABCD and the impact of societal level challenges at the hyper-local scale.
  • Session 5: Establishing a community connectors circle to maintain the authenticity of the process.
  • Session 6: Scaling-down an institutional culture that tends to scale-up; frameworks for working at the hyper-local scale.
  • Session 7: The core purposes of ABCD; growing a culture of community and proliferating deeper practice in supporting community-driven action.
  • Session 8: Bringing together knowledge gained and designing a process that will work for your area.

What will you be able to do after this workshop?

Develop and implement a dynamic framework for authentic and sustainable community driven change that maintains the integrity of the ABCD principles and supports genuine impact on the ground. You will learn to support your organisation and allied organisations to make the shifts from deficit models of delivery to asset based community development and asset-based commissioning. Also you will gain a strong grounding in the political philosophy of ABCD enabling you to respond to challenges and obstacles.

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