Training and certification in ABCD (Rwanda)

— 20 to 25 MARCH 2016 —

The Wellspring Foundation had a week of ABCD training in ABCD with Cormac Russell in August 2012. This was seen as a response to the aspiration of most of the participants. Since then, they tried to implement ABCD within the school communities we work with.

The Wellspring Foundation made an initial pilot of ABCD intervention in four nursery school communities, and the feedback was very encouraging.

In 2014, they expanded the geographical intervention of ABCD to primary and secondary school communities. By August 2015, their work had covered all the 48 schools -both primary and secondary.

Now the Wellspring Foundation is seeking to work on sustaining the process.

Click here for some ABCD stories that came out of our trainings.

Where:  Kigali (Rwanda)

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