North West Employers Annual Conference 2016

— 13 July 2016 —


Event organised by North West Employers in Bolton (UK)


Cormac Russell and Paul Macey were invited to share their thoughts and offer input at the recent North West Employers Annual Conference 2016 – Rethinking Governance for the New Shape of Public Services. In the video, Cormac explores ‘The job of the citizen and redefining what helping looks like’ before introducing the presentation that was delivered at the conference by Community Builder Paul Macey. Cormac’s presentation is shaped by the five questions on developing citizen life and how to support it.


The below is the set of five questions are available on the Nurture Development Youtube Channel and the slides from the presentation:


Playlist: Five questions on developing citizen life and how to support it


Question 1: How can public servants support communities in developing the self-belief to define their own challenges and find sustainable solutions?


Question 2: How can we encourage a culture which enables citizens to act upon their needs and wants?


Question 3: How can we create the space for communities to develop civic power, care and connections?


Question 4: How can we ensure that systems are serving communities and not the other way around?


Question 5: How do we define help and what does it really mean in practice?




The Nurture Development team would like to thank North West Employers for inviting their contribution and look forward to what grows in the future.




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