Webinar: Moving from being consumers of stuff to producers of democracy

Here’s a link to our recent webinar: Moving from being consumers of stuff to producers of democracy http://bit.ly/1uuUHKV 

WebinarHere we explore the influence of consumerism on mutuality, volunteering and citizenship. We ask have some forms of volunteering lost their way as free expressions of citizen action and become co-opted by institutions.

The call to action is to move beyond a form of volunteering that solely assists funded programmes, to a form of citizenship that includes reciprocal volunteering. Alongside a range of resident led informal free action beyond traditionally regulated volunteer programmes.

This webinar was broadcast live to Met London University where the students and faculty actively engaged. The webinar was expertly moderated as usual by Francis Sealey of Globalnet21.

Unfortunately Francis Sealey had some technical issues on the introduction with a serious echo, so we suggest you forward to the following time codes and you should be able to hear the rest quite clearly:

01:40-22:44 / 23:46-25:35 / 26:44-32:36 / 33:53-36:20 / 37:25-40:28 / 40:56-42:40 / 43:40-48:12 /  48:45-52:04 / 53:55-55:50

We hope you enjoy.


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