The rise, fall and rise again of community (ABCD webinar series)

What links Sigmund Freud – the father of Psychoanalysis, Edward Bernays – the father Public Relations and John McKnight – the father of Asset Based Community Development?

All is revealed in the Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Community. This is a journey across 100 hundred years of consumerism, the growth of service based economies and the consequent fall and seeming rise again of collectivism and mutuality.

If you’d like to learn more about the theoretical underpinnings of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), or just hear a radical critique of consumer culture then this webinar should be of interest. Our very own Cormac Russell presents his analysis of the rise and fall and rise again of community.

This is the first of a series of webinars investigating ABCD through a number of prisms. The next in the series is this Friday (16 May) at 7.30pm:

The Art of Community Building

Community building is a craft not an exact science and those taking it forward are artists. Many of the skills required for sustainable community building cannot be learned, they come naturally to people and it is those individuals who make the best Community Builders. Our mission is to help establish a Community Builder in every neighbourhood and so we hope that this Webinar will help you to identify the individuals with the natural gifts around you. During this Webinar we will explore:

  • What is community building?
  • Who can ‘do’ community building and what are the core characteristics of a Community Builder?
  • What are the building blocks of community?
  • How do you identify them, strengthen or build them, and mobilise them?

Book a place today and find out about the rest of the webinar series on our website.

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