A Quick History of the evolution of Civic Power


Once we were free, feral and tribal. We traded among our tribes using gift exchange and bartered with enemies and strangers.
Then Pharaohs and their equivalents began enslaving some of us, making others wealthy and yet others priestly. As well as using shackles, bull whips and prisons, they used debt to maintain control.
For a time, slaves were indentured to their masters. Then came a time, when free from slavery, serfs were indentured to the land which in turn was enclosed and owned by their masters. After that, people became subjects who, as long as they pledged allegiance to their King or Queen, were free of slavery and serfdom. Eventually, the divine right of kings was usurped and we all became consumers with allegiance to ourselves and the marketplace in interchangeable order. Neighbours retreated from the public realm into the domain of private satisfaction.
We believe the next epoch is that of citizenship where citizens have allegiance to each other and the commons. That chapter has yet to be written, though we’re seeing some early glimpses of it.
It can’t come soon enough! Onwards!

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