Crowdsourcing A Title

John McKnight and I have written a new book. The best way to explain to you what this book is about is to invite you to stand at your doorstep or on the street corner of your block. Survey your neighborhood. What can you see? House fronts, streetscapes, some cars, people, domestic animals, some businesses, perhaps?

Now consider what you can’t see.

The skills, knowledge, passions, and experiences of neighbors whose names you don’t recall or barely know. The informal clubs and groups that you are not a member of. The local institutions that contribute in small but important ways that you never hear about. The physical gems that lay hidden in the built and natural environment, yet to be discovered by you and many of your neighbors. The cultural treasures buried behind invitations you have never received.

You are now imagining the parts of your neighborhood that are currently invisible to you and to most of your neighbors. While these resources may be invisible, they are abundantly available, because they are close at hand; there for the asking.

This book shows how regular folks can make these invisible resources visible and vibrant for all who live locally. And once they are visible, how they can be used in powerful ways to renew our health, security, care, local economy, ecology and food sovereignty.

This book is for people committed to deepening their relationships with the people and the place where they live. It is for neighbors wishing to be more neighborly and for citizens wishing to be more democratic and welcoming of strangers. Here, through stories and real-world practical tools and methods, you will discover what you have already deeply known –– neighborliness is not just a nice-to-have personal characteristic; it is essential to living a fruitful life, and a powerful amplifier of community change and renewal.

But, we need your support; we have not given the book a title or subtitle, because we’d like to do that as a community, put another way, we’d like to crowdsource the title and subtitle. So, we’d like to invite you and anyone in your network you care to invite to join in, to share your ideas about the title/subtitle here:

It takes about 5 mins and we’ll take the survey down by the end of the day today, October 28th.

Many thanks,

Cormac & John

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