Cirencester Mobile Community Sofa

This mobile sofa might be the next best place to sit on and chat with others in your community, and two of our Associates are participating in this amazing process.

Maureen Rowcliffe and Philip Booth work for Barnwood Trust and are involved in community activities in Cirencester, one of Nurture Development Learning Sites. More info>>

Cirencester is a market town in East Gloucestershire where some residents are spending a whole month going for a stroll with a sofa, friendly vibes, and plenty of energy with this goal in mind:

“The idea for Cirencester Sofa Month came about in a community meeting where people were challenged to think of creative ways to engage in conversation”. 

Cirencester sofa month_06

“The group behind Sofa Month wanted to try and reach out to people in different places around Cirencester, making a space to sit and chat.” 

“Each week is themed in the hope that we will be able to reach a wide range of people within the community and find ways to make Cirencester a welcoming community for everyone, especially those who may feel geographically or socially isolated.”

And here are some of the pictures so far that prove this sofa is more than comfortable:

Cirencester sofa month

In the following video residents explain the idea behind this initiative where conversation and selfies sit together. You can also get all the updates by visiting their page and clicking on their different contributions  More info>>

Cirencester sofa month_02


Our Associate Jennine Bailey shares this story, click below to hear interview at BBC Radio Glos

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