Webinar: Asset-Based Community Development

Asset-Based Community Development – Making A Difference In Your Community.

ABCD_general pic_02Nurture Development Managing Director, Cormac Russell, discusses how we can make a difference in our community by building on the assets and strengths of our local community. Cormac gives us examples of where this has happened successfully using Asset-Based Community Development/ABCD.

There are a number of ways that we can make a difference to the community in which we live. Creating dialogue, intercommunity conversation, engaging with local politicians are some ways. But one of the most effective is to look at the strengths of your community and find ways of building on those strengths from the bottom up.

Cormac Russell uses Asset-Based Community Development/ABCD. This approach challenges the traditional deficit-based approach that tries to solve urban and rural development problems by focusing on the needs and deficiencies of individuals, neighbourhoods, towns, villages, etc.

In this webinar Cormac Russell takes us through the process of ABCD and what steps we can take with others to build a vibrant and self sustaining community.

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This webinar is organised in partnership with GlobalNet21.

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