The Road to A Good Life: 5 Valued Experiences

Every so often as you prospect through the rivers of social change, you find gold. John and Connie have been producing gold for many decades. John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien are thinkers and change makers from Georgia in the United States whose conceptual and applied offerings in the inclusion space have changed the way we understand inclusion, and what it means to be person-centered. This short 5 minute interview with them nicely captures the essence of their learning and teaching over many decades in this space.

It rightly puts citizenship to the forefront of the inclusion agenda and gifts; not needs, at the heart of human flourishing. Put on the kettle, pull up a comfy chair and relish the wisdom of two wise way-finders, as they share their insights on the 5 valued experiences necessary to have a good life.

Cormac Russell


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