Paul Wright

Paul has over 15 years’ experience of community animation and neighbour-led change rooted at the heart of a neighbourhood. Paul has embarked on a journey to build community with his neighbours, which has led to a wealth of grounded experience in embedding Asset Based Community Development at a very local level.

Working hands-on in his neighbourhood, Paul has helped shape a shared vision & culture, and deep-rooted values & practices. This within neighbour-led partnerships, voluntary sector organisations, a 10-year funding programme, a community hub, and a range of neighbour-led community building activity.

Paul has worked as a community animator rooted in his local community. He has overseen the development of the street connecting project, nurturing a team of connectors passionate about ‘hunting the edges’ of our neighbourhood, which has resulted in an explosion of neighbourhood activity and ‘places to belong’.

Paul is passionate about ensuring the gifts, skills, passions and talents of people are at the heart of community-led change, and has extensive insight into how this works in practice. Paul is a skilled and experienced facilitator and trainer, and is experienced in creating spaces that encourage people to discover, experiment, to try out ideas and approaches that are ‘locally-grown’, innovative, and sometimes even a bit risky. Paul is committed to facilitating learning, both from what has gone well and from what has proved more difficult. Paul is an affiliate of Nurture Development which involves helping to encourage and support Asset-Based Community Development in neighbourhoods around the UK.