Mark_StephensonMark is a qualified social worker and has been an Associate with Nurture Development since 2014. He has been working as a trainer in places such as Manchester, Fife and Trafford. He is also Director of Tiny Spark Projects and Soundingboard Research.

Substance misuse and addictions recovery has dominated Mark’s professional’s life – initially working as a drug worker within the UK prison system.

In 2002, Mark then worked as a one of the first dedicated service user involvement officers within a local authority. During this time Mark developed a passion for working alongside recoverees to support systems and ensure that this change reflected the need of those accessing services.

Mark thrives when working with the service user movement and recoverees and considers himself a friend of recovery. He believes that recovery should be rooted in the community – ‘by the community, for the community’ – and is passionate about the potential key role that recovery coaching can play in that vision.

Some of the places where Mark is working/has worked:

Fife Learning Site.

North-West and Trafford Learning Site.