Angela Fell, Associate

Angela became a friend of Nurture Development in 2016 when the community centre that she has been involved with since the 90’s wanted to employ a Community Builder to explore Asset Based Community Development. She was invited to join Nurture Development as an affiliate in 2019.

Angela has 30 years experience of working alongside and within communities. She has always been passionate about community driven change.  The insight she gained from observing the welfare system through the eyes of the people who experience it, transformed the passion into a desire to act, and, become part of a movement that seeks to see ABCD deepen and proliferate, at the speed of trust.

Angela has been developing and facilitating workshops for a quarter of a century and is passionate about hosting with presence, learning conversations and serving whilst working backwards.

Angela’s deepened insight was formed when she led on the testing of Hilary Cottam’s Relational Welfare ideas in a Wigan community that holds a place in her heart, having spent her early years living there and her teenage years getting up to mischief there.

See Radical Help: How We Can Remake the Relationships Between Us & Revolutionise the Welfare State (June 2018)