Lichfield Learning Site

In brief

· In early 2015 Nurture Development were chosen to develop an ABCD Learning Sites across Lichfield District as part of the Staffordshire County Council exploring of Asset-Based approaches within 3 of their Boroughs.

· Since March 2015 we have been working with communities in Lichfield to build momentum around ABCD in a number of distinct community settings. We recognise that proliferating ABCD is a long-term process.

· Chris Shaw (Nurture Development) is the ABCD Guide for Lichfield District, where he works using appreciative inquiry techniques to seek out hotspots of community energy to build ABCD in the District, albeit at Neighbourhood level.

· We are currently working alongside a number of partners, including Bromford Housing and Local Faith Based organisations and individuals and well as a number of leaders in the Recovery movement. These partners are sources of knowledge with regard to local context whom have helped discover energetic community entry points that then enable us to find Community Builders and Connectors. We support and mentor all our partners and in turn Community Builders and Connectors in the ABCD approach and help them get further established in community building within their respective communities.

· With local support we sought and then recruited 2 excellent local residents with energy and a passion towards their community. We continue to mentor and train them as ABCD Community Builders:

· Gemma Davis works within her home community of Burntwood applying ABCD methodology to build upon her already flourishing community involvement roles.

· Kate Gomez started Lichfield Discovered local history group and has huge knowledge of Lichfield district alongside this she has an ability to include local residents (her neighbours) in generating interest in the history and knowledge of their communities. Read some of her publications here.

· We initially held a number of training sessions and then started to identify the following learning sites areas which include:

· Lichfield District Community Of Practice (COP):

Through these bi-monthly gatherings we support the building of a forum where participants share their experiences and learning. They also discuss new ideas to implement within the Neighbourhood Learning Sites.

· Burntwood COP:

We support participants who meet every month in Chase Terrace Fire Station.

· Burntwood (hyperlocal) Neighbourhood Learning Sites:

Gemma Davis, Community Builder, worked with COP members to identify local community entry points to enter through and work within to build ABCD and further connect folks.

· David Garrick Gardens:

David Garrick Gardens (DGG) Sponsorship Group and Community Building. Residents of the Bromford housing scheme get together with their Community Builders and other residents and organisations to further improve community within DGG. They also build community connections with the wider communities in North Lichfield City.

· Fradley COP and hyper local community learning sites:

This consists of monthly local gatherings to find ways, learn and affirm the further building and connecting of folks within the distinct townships that have been built around the area. Fradley is a village to the North East of Lichfield District, and the COP will act as Sponsorship & learning group to support Community Building efforts.

· These initial sites are only the beginning of a wider proliferation of ABCD Learning Sites over the coming years, as Community Builders and Connectors grow in confidence and number so too will the number of indigenous associations and citizen-led activities.

Which of our team members is in Lichfield: Chris Shaw, Nurture Development Associate.

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