ABCD workshop in Calderdale

26 November 2015 –  ABCD workshop at The Basement Project, an independent self-help organisation that offers support and inspiration to those involved with alcohol and / or substance misuse.

Nurture Development Managing Director, Cormac Russell, led this training, where Martyn Prouse and Dot Turton participated. These are some of their reflections after that day:

“When I first arrived at the ABCD training with Mark from Nurture Development I didn’t know what to expect, as I had not learned much about this approach before. Once the training had started, however, things just started to make sense to me.

Looking back now after this training, I have been able to learn to appreciate these things as community “bumping spaces”, which allow people to come together in a very natural way.

Martyn Prouse, workshop participant.

“Having had the pleasure of learning in an ad hoc way over the past couple of years around ABCD principles, when I arrived in Hope North East I felt that the approach would complement the service perfectly.”

“The approach really gets me energised, people never fail to surprise me and make me smile. This gets me off the academic hook and allows passion to take the place of long words.”

Dot Turton, workshop participant.

Read their complete blog to find out the amazing things they are doing on their communities after the workshop.

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