ABCD workshop at JUST Lincolnshire

16 & 17 April 2015 – ABCD workshop at JUST Lincolnshire

Our two day ABCD workshops have become hugely popular and impactful; they have led to a ground swell of activity.

In Lincolnshire a very energetic groups of 50plus participants came together to work out the practicalities of support inside out development in communities across the county. Download the programme here.

This is what Wesley Shelbourne, JUST Lincolnshire General Manager, said about working with us.

JUST Lincolnshire’s relationship with Nurture Development has closely informed the values of the organisation and how we seek to engage with others. Nurture Development has opened up the horizons for JUST Lincolnshire in terms of new approaches to our work.

Not only has Nurture Development impacted on us as an organisation, but has begun to develop how other groups in Lincolnshire are approaching their engagement with communities.

The openness and integrity of Nurture Development is an example for many of us seeking to serve the communities of which we are a part.

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