ABCD Festival 2015

15-19 June – ABCD Festival 2015.

Between June 15th-19th more than 180 people gathered from 21 countries around the world to celebrate local citizen-led action, and the last 20 year of Asset-Based Community Development.

As well as having the pleasure of the company of 180 people, we also had virtual connections to thousands of others around the world through social media. The result became evident when we trended at number 6 in the UK on Twitter and also at number 9 in Canada.

2015 marks the 20th Anniversary of the ABCD Institute, established in 1995 by John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann and an extended circle of friends at Northwestern University in Illinois.

John McKnight and Prof. Jody Kretzmann attended the event and helped us review the lessons that have emerged across the last few decades and read the tea-leaves on what might lay out ahead.

Cormac Russell shared a reflection of the essence of the Asset-Based Community Development approach: creating a culture of community and to open and close the conference. He also launched his new short book Asset-Based Community Development: Looking Back to Look Forward- In conversation with John McKnight about the heritage of ABCD and its place in the world today.

Other speakers included Peter Kenyon from Bank of I.D.E.A.S in Australia; John Ashton President of the Faculty of Public HealthAlison Mathie and Gord Cunningham from the Coady International Institute; and Shaun Samuels and Hanna Nell, from South Africa.

Useful links

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· More info on Cormac Russell’s book and where to get it.

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