2 day ABCD workshop at Isle of Wight Council

27 & 27 August 2015 – ABCD workshop at Isle of Wight Council.

Nurture Development Associate Paul Macey delivered a 2 day ABCD workshop and this is the Council’s feedback after the sessions.

Paul has an abundance of knowledge, skills and insights in community development practice that is communicated in a nurturing approach.

This has been invaluable in developing competencies within the Public Health and wider workforce to support the introduction of asset-based community development on the Isle of Wight.

Paul is a natural in stimulating meaningful conversations with a diverse range of stakeholders within communities. This has resulted in the opportunistic adoption and diffusion of ABCD principles in community planning, practice and conversations as part of a holistic approach to creating community environments that are resourceful, vibrant and inclusive places bounded by citizen contributions, connections and gift sharing.

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