ABCD workshop at Move More Sheffield

May 2015 – Three-day ABCD workshop at Move More Sheffield

Move More Sheffield has emerged from a history of community, public health and academic interest in increasing physical activity across Sheffield.

In 2014 Move More Sheffield reached out to the wider community by hosting a large 300 people strong event and through media and social media means. It asked what assets do we already have, what ideas do we have and what gets in the way. The results of this ‘consultation’ were combined with research and evidence to develop the Move More Plan, a framework for action. At the heart of this plan was the recognition that cultural change will only happen if genuinely owned by the citizens and communities of Sheffield and that this cannot be imposed.

The first step was to bring some outside practitioners to the city to help those who feel a connection to the ambitions of the Move More Sheffield Network to come together, learn more about Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and explore how to take action collectively and in our communities.

Nurture Development Managing Director, Cormac Russell, hosted in Sheffield a three-day ABCD training. This resulted in 90 people from many different backgrounds united by a passion for changing the culture of physical activity in Sheffield came together to learn about the approach, the principles, to experience some of the tools and techniques of community building. Nurture Development Associate, Jennine Bailey, also shared some of the experienceshe has gathered working in Croydon, which participants use to reflect on how this could be applied in Sheffield.

This information has ben extracted from Roz Davies‘ post ‘Move More Sheffield & the first steps in the Asset-Based Community Development Journey‘.

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