11872051_1100531479974690_1240865559054827835_oThe relationship between organisations and communities is changing and this change is going to require a fundamental shift in behaviour from both officers in organisations and residents in communities.

In this stretching and refreshing master class Cormac, who is a thought and practice leader in Asset-Based Community Development, will give you the opportunity to look at three fundamental questions for creating sustainable and resilient communities:

  • What can communities do that organisations cannot?
  • What can organisations do that communities cannot?
  • What can communities do with organisations that neither can do alone?

Cormac Russell, Managing Director of Nurture Development, will demonstrate why he believes that the traditional customer segmentation and needs analysis approaches are the way of the past, and that assets and strengths are the future.


Workshops_01Why attend

In this master class Nurture Development will:

  • Share with you the fundamental principles of Asset-Based Community Development.
  • Share practical tools and techniques that you can utilise in your own organisation.
  • Share his experiences of working across the world using asset-based community development to grow communities in the most challenging of circumstances.
  • Give you the opportunity to work through some of the challenges that you are currently facing and apply what you have heard.

Masterclass_01This master class is aimed at:

All senior leaders, and may be of particular interest to:

  • Directors with a responsibility for regeneration and development.
  • Lead and ward councillors.
  • Senior officers with an interest in community development.
  • Senior public health professionals.
  • Those from the voluntary and community sectors.