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The workshop will be delivered by members of our team who are working or have worked as ABCD Community Builders in neighbourhoods of all shapes and sizes including Croydon, Thurrock, South Africa, Limerick (Ireland) and North Ayrshire in Scotland. They will share their stories and experiences and advise you on what makes up good practice and how to help bring about deep and sustainable change.

What will you learn?

This workshop will:

Identify and illustrate practical ways of starting your ABCD journey in a community, including:

  • how to find connectors
  • have learning conversations
  • conduct community led asset mapping
  • start a small sparks initiative
  • grow the associational base of a community

Provide tips for convening a connector group and demonstrate how to steadily relocate authority so they take the lead.

Illustrate ways of supporting young Community Builders to become involved and learn the craft of Community Building.

Identify processes for working ethically to relocate authority and power.

Provide a practical pack of ABCD tools for use in your work.

What will you be able to do?

You will have a better understanding of the practical application of ABCD and how to put ABCD into action in living neighbourhoods in a way that is respectful of the local context; and ultimately create safer, healthier, more economically and environmentally vibrant places to live. You will be able to use what’s strong in the neighbourhood where you live and/or work to deal with what’s wrong, but also make what’s strong, stronger.