Learning and Development Offer

Online ABCD Training

Our training courses bring together the ABCD Institute’s 30 years of community development research in the USA, with Nurture Development’s 21 years of international research and practical experience of community development and pioneering approaches in other strength-based work across the world.

Now online, you can access our courses from anywhere in the world. Currently, we are only running online courses for ABCD Training Part 1. However, other online courses are currently in development and will be added below!

ABCD Workshop

ABCD Training Part 1 – Online

Based on our popular ABCD Training Part 1 workshops,  this course will teach you to put ABCD into action in living neighbourhoods in a way that is respectful of the local context; and ultimately create safer, healthier, more economically and environmentally vibrant places to live. After this course, you will be able to use what’s strong in the neighbourhood where you live and/or work to deal with what’s wrong, but also make what’s strong, stronger.

This course will:

  • Give you an understanding of the history of ABCD, relating it to your experience of community development.
  • Explain the 5 guiding principles of ABCD in both theory and practice.
  • Identify the 6 building blocks or assets of community building, exploring how these can be identified, connected and mobilised in the neighbourhood context.
  • Share the 8 touch stones of community building, offering stories and examples of their application.
  • Identify the ABCD Tools for Change: e.g. Learning Conversations & Asset Mapping.
  • Involve you in activities and exercises that you can then use in practice where you live and/or work.
  • Use stories and case studies of ABCD in action from our Learning Sites, in the UK and around the world, to highlight effective practice.

ABCD Training Part 2 – Online

This training offer builds upon Nurture Development’s ABCD Training Part 1 and is based on our two-day ABCD Training Part 2 workshop. This is an opportunity for citizens, practitioners and agency leaders to develop a framework for the effective establishment of Asset-Based Community Development initiatives in the local context.

ABCD Training Part 2 comprises of eight learning sessions:

  • Session 1: Discovering and supporting local hosts, as well as exploring various ways of hosting paid Community Animators.
  • Session 2: Shift the focus from ‘deliverables’ to ‘discoverables’; making the invisible visible.
  • Session 3: Investing in generational change; building community at the speed of trust.
  • Session 4: The politics of ABCD and the impact of societal level challenges at the hyper-local scale.
  • Session 5: Establishing a community connectors circle to maintain the authenticity of the process.
  • Session 6: Scaling-down an institutional culture that tends to scale-up; frameworks for working at the hyper-local scale.
  • Session 7: The core purposes of ABCD; growing a culture of community and proliferating deeper practice in supporting community-driven action.
  • Session 8: Bringing together knowledge gained and designing a process that will work for your area.